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English Reading Materials

Session 1

David Linnan
Univ. of South Carolina
School of Law

Raul Sanchez-Urribari
Univ. of South Carolina
Department of Political Science


The Civil Law Tradition:
Continental Public Law

The Civil Law Tradition:
Private Law


1.David Clark, The Many Meanings of the Rule Of Law In Kanishka Jayasurya, Law, Capitalism & Power in Asia: the rule of law& Legal institutions, routlegde, london,1999 pP 28-44

2.David Linnan, Police Discretion in a Continental European Administrative State: The Police of Baden -Wuerttemberg in the Federal Republic of Germany, 47 Law and Contemporary Problems 185 (1984)

Session 2

Chinese Law I

Zhang Xuezhong
East China University of Politics & Law


Chinese Legal System Introduction

1.Watch before class video lecture Unit 2a (Prof. Zhang on Chinese Legal System) and Unit 2b (Prof. Zhang on Competition Law in China), and read in conjunction with Unit 2b the following:

2.Read the following passworded pdf documents for discussion in class:

3.Read the following online materials for discussion in class:

Session 3

Chinese Law II

Zhang Xuezhong
East China University of Politics & Law


Chinese Contract Law

1.Watch before class video lecture Unit 3 (Prof. Zhang on Chinese Contract Law)

2.Read the following passworded pdf documents:


Session 4

Chinese Law III



Session 5

Chinese Law IV



Session 8

David Linnan
Univ. of South Carolina
School of Law


Indonesia as IFI & Legal Development Case Study

Please read the following re IMF conditionality:


Indonesia Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies, dated January 15, 1998 (original post-Asian Financial Crisis IMF LOI) 

Supplementary Memorandum, dated April 10, 1998 (follow-up specifying detailed IMF conditionality on structural reform side, particularly law reform including insolvency) 

IMF Conditionality:  How Much is too Much? (IMF internal seminar December 19, 2001) 


Please also read article 33 of the 1945 Indonesian Constitution (asking whether its picture of the economy diverges from the IMF’s Washington Consensus view embedded in the LOI) 


Please also read the following re Indonesian insolvency law:


T. Lindsey & V. Taylor, “Rethinking Indonesian Insolvency Reform:  Context and Frameworks,” in Timothy Lindsey, ed., Indonesia:  Bankruptcy, Law Reform & the Commercial Court:  Comparative Perspectives on Insolvency Law and Policy, Desert Pea Press:  Sydney 2000, pages 2-14


D. Linnan, Indonesian Bankruptcy Policy & Reform:  Reconciling Efficiency & Economic Nationalism (INSEAS Trends Paper # 5, September 1999)



Session 9


Pip Nicholson
Univ. of Melbourne
Faculty of Law


Vietnamese Law & Socialist State Issues


Mark Sidel,  ‘Vietnam’ in Poh Ling Tan, Asian Legal Systems, Butterworths, Sydney, 1997 pp 356-385 

Pip Nicholson, ‘Judicial Independence and the Rule of Law: the Vietnam Court Experience’,  3 Australian Journal of Asian Law 37-57 (2001) 

Pip Nicholson, ‘Vietnamese Court Reform: Constancy and Change in the Contemporary Period’ Paper presented at Mapping Vietnam’s Legal Culture: Whither Vietnam?, Conference at University of  Victoria, B.C. Canada, March 27-29 (2003) 

John Gillespie, ‘Self-Interest and Ideology: Bureaucratic Corruption in Vietnam’ 3 Australian Journal of Asian Law 1-36 (2001)

Session 10

Korean Administrative Law : New and Old Style

Prof. Choon-Hwan Kim
Chosun University, Korea

Yusun Woo
USC Teaching Assistant


1.Watch in advance of class Prof. Kim's streaming videos entitled Korean Administrative Law & Overview of Korean Administrative Law

2. Prepare for discussion in class the Kukje Group Dissolution case

Session 11

Mark Cammack

Southwestern Law School


Islamic Law and the State's Role in Society



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