Stop Kekerasan terhadap Perempuan

The Koran's Spirit of Gender Equality

Lily Munir on Indonesian Islamic Liberation Theology

Islam and Interfaith Relations in South Asia

“Members, One of Another: Gender Equality and Justice in Islam”

Dinamika Baru Islam, Demokrasi, dan HAM di Indonesia (PDF)

General Introduction to Islamic Law (PDF)

Islam, Humanity, and Equality for Women (PDF)

Islamic Fundamentalism and Its Impact on Women (PDF)

Sharia and Justice for Women ( PowerPoint )

Women, Islam and Human Security (PDF)

Gender Mainstream in Southeast Asia (PDF)

Domestic Violence in Indonesia (PDF)

Has Sharia Brought Justice? (PDF)

Islam, Modernity and Justice for Women (PDF)

Islam, Gender, and Formal Shari’a in Indonesia (PDF)

Islam and Politics (PDF)

Islamic Fundamentalism and Its Impact on Women (PDF)

Misunderstanding of polygamy lingers in Islam (PDF)

Nurturing Tolerance in Pesantren (PDF)

Querying Polygamy Award (PDF)

Sharia and Justice for Women (PDF)

Women, Islam and Human Security (PDF)

Human Rights Are God's Rights (PDF)

Tolerance in Islam (PDF)

Islam and Human Rights (PDF)

My Loving Image of the Prophet Muhammad (PDF)

The following is a list of websites and names of Muslim scholars whose works and thoughts on human rights from Islamic perspective are widely quoted and debated. The accompanying websites addresses are meant to assist one in searching writings on them or their thoughts.

Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law

Islam and Human Rights

Human Rights and Muslim Identity

Islam and Human Rights: Beyond the Universality Debate

Islam & Human Rights

Islam, the Modern World, and the West: Contemporary Topics




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