Class Administration


Class administration involves signing up and using the course LISTSERVs in Indonesia and the US.  We use them like physical bulletin boards, because class members are spread across twelve time zones and five universities.  The LISTSERVs allow us to talk with each other outside our normal videoconferenced classes.  Class administration also requires downloading free Windows Media Player or RealPlayer software to play streaming materials for class, assuming you do not already have those  software programs on your computer.


There are four LISTSERVs for this course, namely:


            laws-666        [general course LISTSERV in English language to be shared

                                    by all, particularly for direct discussions and questions

                                    outside of class among students generally concerning

                                    human trafficking and for faculty questions on the assigned



            lawindo1         [special course LISTSERV to be used internally by

                                    Indonesian students and faculty for Bahasa Indonesia

                                    discussions and administrative announcements]


            lawcolu1         [special course LISTSERV to be used internally by

                                    US  students and faculty for English language

                                    announcements and coordination of projects carried out only

                                    among US student project teams]


Thus, all participating students and faculty should each sign up for two LISTSERVs.  Indonesian students and faculty should sign up for laws-666 and lawindo1.  US students and faculty should sign up for laws-666 and lawcolu1.  If you want to talk to everyone you send a message in English to laws-666.  When you need to talk within your own country in your own language, you send a message in your own language to your special LISTSERV.  We want everyone to talk with each other as much as possible, so in case of doubt send your communication to laws-666.  However, for example, US students do not need to know when Indonesian instructors give special assignments to Indonesian students to be handed in at their home universities.


How do you actually sign up for a LISTSERV?  You access whatever e-mail account from which you wish to participate in the LISTSERV.  From there you send a message to e-mail address




In the body of the e-mail you write


            subscribe [LISTSERV name] [your first name][your last name]


You do not need to put anything in the message's re line, but for Indonesians with a single name you should write your single name in under both first name and last name, or the LISTSERV software may not take your subscription.  Also, do not include the brackets in the e-mail.  Then send the message and you should receive an e-mail back to your e-mail account to confirm your joining the LISTSERV in question.  You can review general documentation and learn special commands for using a LISTSERV at




Once you are there, click on "LISTSERV user's guide" to reach the online documentation.  The LISTSERV archives also provide a web page with the messages arranged chronologically so that you can follow the thread for discussion purposes.  You access these archives by clicking on the "Online mailing list archives" on the same webpage.


Concerning RealPlayer and Windows Media Player, you find below icons to reach free download sites if you do not already have the software on your computer.   These different free software players each work only with files in their own special format, so you will need both.  Our own streaming class materials are formatted for reading with the Windows Media Player, but certain third party materials may require RealPlayer (such as the streaming videos to be viewed in preparation for the first day of class).





Get Windows Media Player