Professor Freeman





Instructions and Objectives: To acquaint students with the history and content of crimes encountered in the business

world, including principles of individual and entity liability and sanctions and problems of criminal procedure.


Examination: 3 hours, closed book. Examination performance determines your grade.




Maximum cuts 10%. No student who as over-cut may take the examination absent the Dean's approval.


Office Hours:


10:00-12:00 MTW; also, open door policy. If you want an appointment, call me at 777-7224.


Make-ups: If necessary, will be held at the least inconvenient time for all concerned.




Pamela H. Bucy, White Collar Crime (1998).



1 Proving a conspiracy. v-vi; 1-45

2 Introduction to mail fraud. 60-115

3 RICO overview. 116-62

4 RICO conduct and issues. 162-227

5 Money laundering & currency reporting. 228-99

6 Forfeitures; Fifth Amendment issues. 328-65,410-48

7 Privilege and Public Corruption; 471-519

8 Financial institution fraud. 574-607; 665-82

9 False claims - criminal and civil. 683-777

10 Civil and criminal liability for professionals; obstruction of justice. 778851

11 Environmental and computer crimes. 852-81; 890-911

12 Tax fraud. 954-91

13 Sentencing 1047-83




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