Friday, April 8, 2005

Religion, Ethics & Armed Conflict Law: Afghanistan, Iraq & the War on Terror

We expect to be joined via videoconferencing by our Indonesian university partners for the morning session only, due to the time difference. All times are U.S. East Coast daylight savings (GMT -4). The symposium will take place in the Law School auditorium.


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Religion, Ethics & Law Panel

Prof. Kevin Reinhart, Dartmouth (Islamic view)
Dr. Michael Skerker, U Chicago & DePaul (Christian view)
Rabbi Jonathan Crane, U Toronto cand. phil. (Jewish view)
Dean Marsudi Triatmodjo, Gadjah Mada U Faculty of Law-Indonesia (appearing via videoconferencing, on perception in Islamic/Indonesian legal circles of Iraq as foreign intervention problem)


Coffee Break


Constitutional & Domestic Law-Individual Rights Panel

Kenneth Hurwitz, Senior Associate, US Law & Security Program, Human Rights First (executive authority & torture)
Geremy Kamens, Asst Federal Public Defender (who represented Yaser Esam Hamdi through the recent Supreme Court litigation, detentions)
Dr. Wayne Elliott, former Head of the International Law Department, JAG School, Charlottesville (military tribunals)


Lunch Break


Constitutional & Domestic Law-Structural & Institutional Panel

Prof. John Mansfield, Harvard Law School (does the first amendment stop at the water’s edge?)
Prof. Robert Turner, U of Virginia (national security & separation of powers analysis for intelligence reform- external security)
Prof. Norman Bay, U of New Mexico Law School & former U.S. Attorney (national security & separation of powers analysis for intelligence reform - internal security)
Michael Hurley, 9/11 Commission Senior Staff & Career CIA with post 9/11 three tours in Afghanistan (intelligence practice commentator)


Constitutional Law Roundtable

There will be an additional 20 minute roundtable discussion of all constitutional & domestic law speakers on the topic of proposals for a national security detention & interrogation statute as part of on-going national security debate, which will face considerable legal scrutiny regarding its constitutionality.


Coffee Break


Law of Armed Conflict & International Law-Operational Law Panel

Dean Hikmahanto Juwana, U of Indonesia Faculty of Law (command responsibility)
Dr. Dino Kritsiotis, U of Nottingham Faculty of Law -UK (armed conflict law in international vs internal conflicts)
Prof. George Walker, Wake Forest Law School (legal structures and combatant status)
Prof. Kevin Govern, Lt. Col. U.S.Army, Law Department, U.S.M.A. at West Point (operational law and translating armed conflict law and policy into practice)


Coffee Break


Law of Armed Conflict & International Law-Legal Responsibility & National Views Panel

Brigitte Oederlin, International Committee of the Red Cross, Legal Department- Washington Delegation (international humanitarian law & torture)
Miriam J. Aukerman, Soros Justice Fellow, Western Michigan Legal Services (transitional justice)
Prof. Kenneth Perkins, U of South Carolina History (Islamic practices)
Prof. David Linnan, U of South Carolina School of Law (individual responsibility, tribunals and truth & reconciliation commission approaches)


International Law Roundtable

There will be an additional 20 minute roundtable discussion of problems concerning the direction of armed conflict law involving all law of armed conflict and international law speakers, which topic presents broader technical questions because of the changing nature of threats (non-state actors and terrorist problems) and related issues of the changing nature of armed conflict from wars between nation states to internal wars of ethic or political conviction of importance to military lawyers.